Our gourmet range of marshmallows starts right here. A delicious soft chocolate marshmallow topped with fresh dried apricots and toasted organic coconut.


Ingredients: Sugar Cane, Water, Gelatine (beef), Glucose Syrup (corn), Vanilla Extract, Icing Sugar, Cornflour (maize), Cocoa Powder, Preservative (220, 223), Dried Apricots, Toasted Organic Coconut, Dark Milk Chocolate, Sulphites.




** New Packaging as from 1st October :

Regular Gift Box - 1 x Marshmallow log

Large Gift Box  -    2 x Marshmallow logs



Chocolate Marshmallow with Apricots & Toasted Coconut

  • All our beautiful marshmallows are made 48 hours prior to dispatch.


    We prefer to make our marshmallows once a week** so all orders received by Friday are dispatched the following Monday - fresh  marshmallows  out the door first thing Monday morning!


    A tracking number will be provided so you will know when to expect your marshmallow order.


    **with the exception of orders received for special events.

We can cater for any celebration!